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Published on Feb 25, 2023

Cave beetle clock paper published!

Hello there dear friends of the cave beetle!It's been a loooooooong time. A WAY too long time. So I hope this is reaching you well. And that you understand by now that cave beetle research takes ti...

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Published on Dec 20, 2020

Subterranean beetle speciation down under

Hello there dear friends of the cave beetle, I hope this is reaching all of you well as this challenging year draws to an end, leaving many challenges to leap over into the next one. Besides the ma...

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Published on Nov 14, 2020

New study confirming splendid cave beetle isolation for neighborly Ptomaphagus hatchi

New study confirming splendid cave beetle isolation for neighborly Ptomaphagus hatchi Hello there friends of the cave beetle,This is a note I should have anticipated because I knew the study was in...

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Published on Oct 25, 2020

Extraordinarily pressure-tolerant beetle studied to improve mechanical engineering designs

Hello there dear friends of the cave beetle, Again it's been a while since the last post. Covid-19 keeps its claws on our lives, forcing us to work from home as much as we can. In my case, that mea...

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Published on Aug 16, 2020

Body cuticle breathing in subterranean diving beetles

Hello there dear friends of the cave beetle, I hope this is reaching you well. As temperatures reached their high points in the US just around now, this may be a good time to bring one of the coole...

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Published on Jul 04, 2020

Extraordinarily heat-tolerant beetles inspiring new cooling material designs

Hello there dear friends of the cave beetle,It's been a while since the last post for a reason that needs little explanation as Covid-19 continues to dictate our daily affairs, asking for continued...

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Published on Feb 29, 2020

Off topic but irresistible: Cave beetle awed by riveting discovery of troglomorphic fish in Congo River

That's actually all that needs to be said. For details, check out the wonderful coverage in the New York Times: trust most of you w...

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Published on Feb 16, 2020

~ 4 degrees Celsius is how low the cave beetle can still "go"

Or: Literally cool news as February has been dishing out a crispy few days closer to 0 Fahrenheit here in Detroit than you would like. Not sure this inspired us, but, as we thought about how to set...

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Ann (and google translage), "go raibh maith agat" for your kind words. Feeling definitely more exhilarated than exhausted :-)
Reply to:Christina EkChristina Ek
Hi there again Cristina, And thanks for the pointer which did not disappoint. I enjoyed Harrelson's narration with a smirk just as much as visually very well done introduction to basic facts of oxygen and carbon cycling. And the goals and achievements of regenerative agriculture are timely and c...more
Echoing Elisabeth. Woody Harrelson is one my obsessions I cherish remorselessly. But I hadn't heard about this piece yet. So tx. Looking forward to catching this docu!
Awe inspiring. Will be beautiful to share with me evolution class this winter.
Reply to:Steven CooperSteven Cooper
My pleasure, Steve. Yep, all the best for as as possible Covid-19 liberated 21...!
Reply to:Zhenyi LiuZhenyi Liu
Thank you Zhenyi and happy holidays to you too!
My pleasure Tom. Wonderful to hear from you!
Reply to:Jeffrey RamJeffrey Ram
Hello there Jeff, And many thanks for your at least equally fascinating comment on the water mites. I will bring this to Steve's attention!
Reply to:Steven CooperSteven Cooper
Hey Steve, So good to hear from down under. And glad, of course, you liked what you saw. Sure, let's keep our fingers crossed for an ICSB 21. And vaccines for everyone by then.
Hi there Christina, And my compliment on keeping up your good work in this difficult time! Your book choice made me curious, so I took a closer look. Turns out that Unwelcome Harvest came out in 1991. So it has to be a little dated given the progress on issues since then. One of the two authors p...more
Reply to:Gary FreemanGary Freeman
Let me also take this as another opportunity to credit WSU undergrad supreme Devyn Ryan. She single-handedly wrapped up all experimentation and documentation over the past 2 weeks after a very short training time and never minding the holidays. Just impressive. Many many thanks Ryan!
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