Beatriz Santos Carvalho

Beatriz Santos Carvalho

Brasília, Brazil

Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology

MSc in Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology


Published on Apr 03, 2019

EN: We're testing the filament extruder!

PT: Estamos testando a extrusora de filamento!EN:We bought the filament extruder and are testing the extrusion of the plastic laboratory materials that went through the cleaning and decontamination...

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Published on Nov 16, 2018

EN: The project was in Maker Faire!

PT: O projeto esteve na Maker Faire!EN:We have enrolled this project for the Call For Makers selection of the first Maker Faire of Brazil and Latin America. And it was selected! We named the projec...

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Published on Nov 14, 2018

EN: We're testing the shredder!

PT: Estamos testando o triturador!EN:We managed to buy a low-cost shredder with the project budget! It arrived and we already did a first test with yellow polypropylene tips (P200). We shredded som...

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Published on Nov 07, 2018

EN: We are already testing the 3D printer!

PT: Nós já estamos testando a impressora 3D!EN:We bought the 3D printer, it has arrived and we are doing the first tests with it. We are printing with different types of filaments, such as: PLA, AB...

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Published on Oct 05, 2018

EN: Our project is funded! And now?!

PT: Nosso projeto está financiado! E agora?!EN: Hey, guys! How are you?? We hope you are fine!We have not forgotten the project! ;)We have already received the financial resources of crowdfunding a...

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Published on Jul 22, 2018

EN: We are very close!

PT: Nós estamos muito perto! EN:Hey, guys! You are very important to this project! :)We need people like you who believe in sustainable development!Very close to finish the campaign! Only if we rea...

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Published on Jul 09, 2018

EN: How are we collecting plastic waste in the laboratory?

PT: Como estamos coletando os resíduos plásticos no laboratório?EN: When this project is funded, we will reuse plastic waste from the laboratory. For this to happen, we are already collecting polyp...

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Muito obrigada, Lucio! Seu apoio tem sido essencial! #juntossomosuns
Parabéns pelo trabalho e persistência de vocês! Continuem em frente :)
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Hi David! Thank you! Enjoy to share the project with your friends :)