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Published on Aug 13, 2019

End of the breeding season: one more recovery, three more deployments

The end of July marked the end of the breeding season for flammulated owls in Colorado. As fledglings left the nest and family groups began to disperse, we celebrated the recapture of three of our ...

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Published on Jul 11, 2019

Second PinPoint returned!

We recovered our second PinPoint GPS from a breeding male that returned to the study site from migration. This device collected over 60 fixes during fall migration, wintering, and spring migration....

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Published on Jun 13, 2019

First returned PinPoint!

Exciting news to share...on June 7th we recaptured a Flammulated Owl that we'd attached a PinPoint GPS to last fall. The GPS had collected 58 data fixes during the bird's fall migration, over-winte...

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Published on Sep 22, 2018

Stretch Funds: Geolocator Data Analysis

I'm so excited to have reached my funding goal in just two weeks! Thank you all for your incredible support. We're doing important research that will open the door to many conservation and manageme...

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Published on Sep 18, 2018

GPS PinPoint #1 Deployed!

At 10:30 pm on John's Gulch Ridge, which marks the northern border of our study site, a male Flammulated Owl came into the lure net site making territorial calls. Our hearts were racing. Since this...

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Published on Sep 10, 2018

A quiet week as fledglings forage with parents

We were able to get out into the field this week to begin trapping! Our team uses a lure net to catch flammulated owls once they've left the nest. I'm sure you ornithologists out there are familiar...

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Yes! Our goal is to collect a few more seasons of returned PinPoints before publishing.