Eveliina Hanski

Eveliina Hanski

DPhil candidate, University of Oxford


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Published on Sep 26, 2018

Saiga Conservation Alliance

Much effort has already been put into the conservation of the critically endangered saiga antelope. The Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA) – one of the collaborators of my expedition – is a network ...

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Published on Sep 21, 2018

Why do we need to #savethesaiga?

Biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth, promotes ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter the size, has a role to play. Healthy ecosystems provide us numerous natural resources and ...

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Published on Sep 09, 2018

From a Friend to a Foe

Just like us, saigas have bacteria and other microbes living in their gut and respiratory tract. These microorganisms critically affect the host health in many ways. Often times these effects are p...

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Published on Sep 04, 2018

What are mass mortality events?

Imagine waking up, going for your daily morning walk in a popular park and suddenly seeing the ground covered with bodies. This may sound like a horror film, but this is what actually happened to t...

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Published on Aug 26, 2018

About Saiga antelopes

The Saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica) is a migratory ungulate of the steppes and deserts of Central Asia and Russia. Saigas are relatively small antelopes that can be distinguished by the large, prob...

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Published on Aug 13, 2018

Exploring the saiga microbiome

The host microbiome is of growing scientific interest due to the emerging understanding of its role in health and disease. In my DPhil project, I will be studying the natural variation in the respi...

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