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So we completed the first of the two experiments in our kit. When will the deadline be to complete the second experiment?
Feb 17, 2016
The GMO Corn Experiment
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We have repeated experiment 1 twice now and none of the corn was eaten. We are setting the experiment out on a community college campus that has LOTS of squirrel and bird activity. However, the two locations we've tried haven't resulted in any feeding. (In fact, the corn has gained a gram or so between weighings). Does anyone have recommendations on how to attract hungry animals? One thought we've had is that leaving the corn on the ground makes it less attractive to birds and perhaps squirrels don't prefer to eat corn. Any advice you can give would be really appreciated!
Nov 22, 2015
The GMO Corn Experiment
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I just want to say my boyfriend is visually impaired and right now we use puff paint dots, but only on certain buttons and on certain appliances. This could have a HUGE benefit for him to make all of the controls on a device accessible. I'd also like to say that if you could make a silicon overlay that matches the controls on the treadmill at the gym, he could take it with him and lay it over the control panel and then remove it and take it home with him when he's done! Thank you for doing this important work.
Oct 16, 2015
Designing touch surfaces to help the visually impaired operate home appliances
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