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Published on Oct 31, 2018

October 31 2018 Update

In the past two months, we have been working on new analyses of our experiment images, and there is a role for some of you to help! We would also like to share our thoughts on how we would like to ...

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Published on Aug 29, 2018

August 2018 Update

Dear GMO Corn Experiment participants and supporters,Thank you so much for your patience. We deeply apologize for the delay in releasing the data.  We are working toward publication as quickly as w...

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Published on Aug 10, 2017

Corn Experiment Survey - Complete by August 25!

Today, we announced that the GMO Corn Experiment is entering its final stage. We're getting ready to submit our paper for publication, and we want to credit you in the paper if you participated in ...

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Published on Aug 10, 2017

Final steps of the experiment!

I'm exited to announce today that our first Citizen Science experiment, the "GMO Corn Experiment" is entering its final stage. It has been a long time coming, and I know each and every one of our p...

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Published on Jun 15, 2016

GMO Corn Experiment ends June 27!

Last fall, we launched our first Citizen Science experiment, the GMO Corn Experiment, to test whether squirrels and other wild animals avoid eating GMOs if given the choice. After a lightning fast ...

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Published on Dec 21, 2015

December update: First deadline Jan 15

Dear citizen scientists,We have an important update for our GMO Corn Experiment citizen scientists. The first data collection period is ending soon - January 15.Experiment ProgressThank you so much...

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Published on Nov 15, 2015

300 kits still available

We've received a phenomenal response from hundreds of interested citizen scientists, and over 600 experiment kits have already been shipped out, delivered, and are being opened and set up!If you mi...

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Published on Nov 04, 2015

If you already signed up, ignore the previous lab note

Dear Backers,An hour ago I sent out a lab note asking for you to sign up to receive your experiment kit. If you have already filled out the Google Form to sign up, you do not need to fill it out ag...

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Published on Nov 04, 2015

Sign up now to receive a kit! (If you haven't already)

Dear backers,Thank you very much for supporting The GMO Corn Experiment! Thanks to you and many others we have raised enough to make 982 kits, and ship hundreds out to you and to the many schools t...

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Reply to:Chris BarbeyChris Barbey
Dear Chris, We are very sorry you have been caught up in this. The initial raters did a great job. We will certainly acknowledge all of the students including yourself in the paper as promised. The data you helped produce was analyzed and presented in poster form and for a talk at ASPB 2017, and ...more
Hi Jonathan, the final deadline for all experiments has not yet been set, but it will likely be sometime in late May or June. I would advise just waiting until the weather is good for doing the last experiment - no need to hurry!
Hi Maureen, I see that the kit has now been delivered. We held off on bringing the kits to the post office for a couple days to finish testing the web interface for submitting data. Good luck with the experiment!
Dear Natalie, Thanks for your interest! Yes, you can still donate and sign up for the experiment by visiting http://www.biofortified.org/experiment/ We have about 300 experiment kits left, but they are going fast. I hope you will be able to join us in this first-of-a-kind experiment! Regards,...more
Reply to:Mary ManganMary Mangan
No worries there! Funds are being channeled to the kiddos, some schools will be getting multiple kits, too!
We received a couple questions about the signups - if you have already signed up using the form, you do not need to sign up again.