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Not that I want to support the illegal harvesting and trade of fish, but is there a less harmful capture methods available? What about an electric stun similar to electric eels? I have seen suction systems to gather deep sea organisms without harming them, would that be viable for shallow sea/c...more
I had no idea spiders had chemical communication systems. In hindsight it makes sense since chemical trails are common to many organisms, but I never would have considered it as an effective pathway for pest management. Are spiders' prey able to read these chemical trails as a method of predat...more
The enthusiasm and energy of the youth is a underappreciated asset. Good work inspiring generations of science.
The community will carry forward the Good Work of protecting their land and their animals. They remain long after the science has been done. Biodiversity is key and each link in the chain is as vital to those above and below the food chain, including humans.
Our bodies of water are far more connected then we understand. Thank you for your good work.