Aaron Jonas Stutz

Aaron Jonas Stutz

Uddevalla, Sweden

Bohusläns Museum

Research and Development Coordinator


Published on Mar 11, 2024


FINALLY! PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON THE PROJECT​It took us a long long time, but the first major article on the excavation season you all helped us fund is finally out. Since 2017, we have ...

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Published on Aug 16, 2017

Uncovering Pockets of Preservation

One of the necessary steps in our project was to figure out what parts of the Mughr el-Hamamah site were disturbed by recent activity, and what parts preserved pristine traces of Early Upper Paleol...

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Published on Aug 07, 2017

Catching up -- a whirlwind, successful season

It is actually shocking to see that we posted our last update nearly four weeks ago. We apologize to all of our backers that we have been unable to keep up, but we will make up for that now. The go...

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Published on Jul 08, 2017

Extra Week 1 -- pointed possibilities

The prettiest artifacts are often found out of their original context during cleaning. Here is an el-Wad point—a classic flint point style made for several millennia in the Early Upper Paleolithic ...

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Published on Jul 08, 2017

Week 1 Update: The Millipedes Ate Our Science Project

We finished our first week of fieldwork at Mughr el-Hamamah on Thursday 6 July. After a day off at our swimming haven down the road (that is, the Amman Beach at the Dead Sea), we began Week 2. Here...

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Published on Jun 29, 2017

The administrative part: the excavation permit

Today, Liv and Aaron drove from the Yarmouk University Research Station--in the Jordan Valley--up to Amman. Our appointment was to meet the field project permit director and pick up our permit to e...

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Published on Jun 27, 2017

Arrived in Jordan ...

Liv, Aaron and family--along with our Emory University students--have arrived in Jordan. Graduate assistant John Murry will be arriving later today. We will be settling into the Yarmouk University ...

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Published on Mar 17, 2017

Caves of the Doves

That's the direct translation of "Mughr el-Hamamah." Rock doves (species Columba livia) like to perch and nest in the large caves found throughout the wider Mediterranean Basin. Not surprisingly, l...

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