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Published on Aug 15, 2023

Result 1B: Method for quick evaluation of the accuracy of conductivity meters

In the previous lab note (Result 1A), we evaluated the performance of commonly available and inexpensive conductivity meters by comparing their readings against an accredited lab. Only 2 out of the...

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Published on Aug 03, 2023

Result 1A: Accuracy assessment and calibration of a few low-cost conductivity meters

ObjectiveThe goal of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of commonly available water conductivity/total dissolved solids (TDS)/salinity testers. 5 devices were procured from different manufactu...

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Published on Aug 02, 2023

Thank you to all our backers!

On behalf of Team RiverWatch, I would like to extend our gratitude to our backers Experiment Foundation, Arjun, Anupam, Parul and Manan! Due to your support we reached our goal. Also thanks to our ...

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Published on Jul 25, 2023

1 day to go, 88% of goal achieved

Dear backers, We have almost reached out target and are at 88%. Since there is only 1 day remaining for the campaign, please share this project within your network and help us reach our goal.

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Published on Jul 18, 2023

Gratitude for your support!

A huge thanks to the Experiment Foundation for supporting us on this project! We are at 87% of our goal now and need your support to get to our target. Over the past month, our team has been laying...

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Published on Jun 30, 2023

Calibrating electrical conductivity meters

We tested the measurement accuracy of some commonly available electrical conductivity (EC) meters using a conductivity standard solution. The standard had a EC of 1413 uS/cm. As we can see, only 3 ...

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Published on Jun 28, 2023

First survey of Moira river

Our first river survey/data collection involved traversing around 7 km of the Moira river with around 75 samples tested. Here is a map of the route.

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