Angela M. Alicea-Serrano

Angela M. Alicea-Serrano

The University of Akron

Graduate Assistant


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Published on Apr 29, 2016

­­Ultimas 33 horas

Hola:No puedo encontrar palabras para expresar mi más sincera gratitud a todos ustedes que han ayudado de una forma u otra a este proyecto. Estamos sobre el 50% de nuestra meta.Sin embargo tengo q...

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Published on Apr 29, 2016

33 hours to go.

Hello Dear Backers:I can't find good enough words to express my most sincere gratitude to all of you who have supported in one way or another this project. We are over 50% funded as of now and is ...

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Published on Apr 28, 2016

Much more than spiders

In the field you get to see many other things. Enjoy pictures of animals (Native and Introduced) taken in the big Island of Hawai'i.Photo credit: Raymond McGuireThe pueo (Asio flammeus sandwichens...

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Published on Apr 26, 2016

Harvesting silk in the lab / Colectando seda en el laboratorio

Harvesting silk directly from the spider spinnerets allows collection of just one type of silk under control conditions. In the lab is possible to control the speed of spinning at which the silk is...

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Published on Apr 25, 2016

How are T.hawaiensis and T.stelarobusta similar / Descubre como dos especies se comportan de forma similar.

.hawaiensis (Simon 1900) is commonly found in multiple islands of the archipelago. Webs from this specie found in the big island of Hawai'i have extremely similar architectures to we...

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Published on Apr 23, 2016

This is "Tris"/ Conozcan a Tris

T.trituberculata or Tris for short, lives in the wet native forest of East Maui. Trituberculata is a combination of Greek and Latin [Tri (Greek) three; tuberculutn(Latin) tubercle], meaning three t...

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Published on Apr 22, 2016

Meet "Stella"/ Les presento a "Stela"

T.stelarobusta or as we like to call her* Stella, lives in the wet native forest of East Maui. Her name is a combination of Greek and Latin [Stele (Greek) cylinder; robustus (Latin) robust] and it...

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Published on Apr 18, 2016

Exiting Preliminary Results

Glue droplets in the capture spirals of the orb-web help in retaining the insect long enough for the spider to reach it. We can test stickiness of glue in the lab by measuring the force required t...

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Published on Apr 04, 2016

Want to take a moment to say THANK YOU. 

Words are not enough to express all my gratitude. Thank you all for the support in getting this project a step closer to our goal. In the first 4 days of this challenged we managed to reach a 13...

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