David Ebert

David Ebert

Moss Landing, CA

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories; California Academy of Sciences; South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

Director, Pacific Shark Research Center


Published on May 04, 2017

Robin's Ghost Shark prints

Prints of the newly described Robin's Ghost Shark, Hydrolagus erithacus, are here and will be send out shortly to our backers who donated a minimum of $100 to help support our proje...

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Published on Jan 01, 2017

New Discoveries!

Happy New Year from our group here at the Pacific Shark Research Center. We hope that your new year is getting off to a great start. We are very pleased with our progress this past year, and wanted...

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This was an amazing trip and we'll tell you more about it in the coming weeks. So please stay tuned and find out what Lost Sharks we are searching for!
Classic pic of what REALLY goes on behind the scenes. Looks like Kristin needs some more coffee.