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Have you got any plans to "revamp" this idea and try again? I'd be interested to support a second try...
What a great data set! Have you you considered formulating a data mining challenge on kaggle.com? That would put very experienced brains on the task of finding sequence correlations, commonalities, deviations etc. in your samples... Best regards and all the best! - David
I wish you all the best! Do you intend to compete in the Seawater Desalination Challenge (https://herox.com/seawaterdesal)? I do. Maybe we can team up? Regards - David
Great idea! Especially the electron generation density must be mind boggling, if there was one p-n junction per molecule. Have you estimated the current densities coming out of such a device, e.g. out of a macroscopic strip of 1 cm^2? I fear that your envisioned budget for this project is on the ...more