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I presume it can be just amplified from the gDNA with appropriate primers, subcloned and sequenced (in case of people interested more in luciferases rather than the whole genome). E. g., I've amplified Lampyris noctiluca luc (cDNA, gDNA) some time ago (GenBank: KU756583.1).
Can you share the sequence to include in phylogenetic trees? Was it submitted to GenBank? I guess Yuichi Oba & John Day will be interested to hear that it actually exists in Photinus (maybe then in Lampyrids too). Have you looked at its enzymatic properties?
So Photinus does have a second luciferase gene? Is it from the same clade as Luc2 in Luciola/Photuris (http://forumbgz.ru/user/upload/file33419.gif) or some other?
I'm curious: is it possible to investigate the genetics of color phenotypes on Alpaca's cells lines?
I also hope someone will develop an affordable technology to fuse the skeleton with adamantium.