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Thrilled to watch this moving forward!!
Glad to see your continued work on this! btw, in the Bystander situations maybe after concluding that action was needed, was there also something about deciding that *you* were then actually going to step up? I'm sure you've probably seen that and written it up already :-)
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(cont.) All of those things can increase the probability of success of a group's enterprise, and hence make it more worth following that leader.
I think the description of the Position source neglects some other important aspects. Here it focuses on reward and punishment (very mid-20th century, Skinnerian!). Position in an organization carries with it the backing of that organization more generally -- not just to punish and reward -- b...more
I wonder how much can be learned from historical situations where disasters became "routine", for example during the blitz in England in WWII. It might be interesting to see response evolved from being more spontaneous, to more organized (or perhaps it was all well set up before the first bombs ...more