Meera Lee Sethi

Meera Lee Sethi

Seattle, WA

University of Washington

Ph.D. candidate


Published on May 10, 2018

MeadoWatch Backer Rewards and Updates!

Hi MeadoWatch backers! Thank you so much again for all the support you've shown us—we are incredibly grateful. I wanted to pop in with three quick updates: We have finished evaluating applications ...

Backers Only
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Published on Apr 11, 2018

We did it!! And a small surprise.

Dear MeadoWatch supporters, cheerleaders, and friends—We made it!! Janneke and I are thrilled and incredibly grateful to all of you not just for the pledges but the kindness and encouragement you'v...

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Published on Apr 06, 2018

It's the 21st century—why are we still using drawings for species ID?

Because collecting high-quality data for our project relies on volunteers being able to accurately identify many different plants and phenophases, we've thought a lot about best practices in teachi...

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Published on Mar 30, 2018

Extension!!! And a baby marmot.

Dear friends and supporters—I apologize for the excessive punctuation, but I am really excited to announce that has offered us a one-time, 15-day extension on our campaign deadline. ...

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Published on Mar 26, 2018

What that $10,831 budget item is all about—and why it matters

Hi everyone! We only have 6 days left in our fundraising campaign, and over 1,300 people have visited our campaign page over the past three and a half weeks, which is amazing! We are so grateful to...

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Published on Mar 19, 2018

What about soil?

I received an email from one of our Experiment backers earlier this week, which read:I was wondering if you know about any studies that examine the effects of climate change on the soil itself like...

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Published on Mar 14, 2018

Flower Facts #4

For our fourth installment of Flower Facts, I thought I'd share four MeadoWatch species that all belong to the same family. After you look at the photos, see if you can identify what it is!If you g...

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Published on Mar 09, 2018

Can We Trust Volunteer-Collected Data?

One of the questions people sometimes ask about data collected by volunteers is: Is it as good—i.e., as accurate—as data collected by "professional" scientists? (We believe anyone who uses the tool...

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Published on Mar 07, 2018

Flower Facts #3

One of my favorite things about ecology is that it reveals how many different ways there are of making a living in the world. Today I'll introduce you to some MeadoWatch species that have very smar...

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