What are the feeding habits of threatened sharks?

David Shiffman

University of Miami

This project was funded on:
7 March 2014
We will be using a non-lethal research technique called
stable isotope analysis to help understand the diet and food web interactions of several species of sharks in coastal South Florida, information that will help fisheries and wildlife managers to better conserve and protect them!


Budget Overview

All samples have already been collected, and it costs $10 to analyze one sample. 100% of funds raised for this project will go towards sample analysis, and while $3,000 is the minimum we'd need to do the project, any additional funds over this goal will also be utilized for sample analysis.

Meet the Researcher


David Shiffman is a Ph.D. student at the University of Miami, where he studies the feeding ecology and conservation of sharks. David is an active online science communicator, using his twitter account, Facebook page, and blog to share information about sharks and ocean conservation.

About our lab
The RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program promotes conservation and scientific literacy by conducting cutting edge scientific research and providing innovative and meaningful outreach opportunities for students through exhilarating hands-on research and virtual learning experiences in marine biology. In 2013, we tagged and sampled over 300 sharks using our non-lethal catch and release sampling design. We also spoke in classrooms to over 500 students ranging from 1st grade to college, and took over 1,000 high school students out on the boat with us to learn about ocean conservation and help with our ongoing research. Learn more about us at SharkTagging.com and Facebook.com/SharkTagging .

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Better understanding of shark ecology is critical to creating conservation plans that work. David's research will...See more

Coordinator, Environmental Science and Policy, University of Miami


This is a wonderful project focusing on an important group of species. I, personally, am really impressed with David...See more

Past President, American Elasmobranch Society


This project was briefly covered in the AAAS "Science Update" podcast. Here's a review paper we wrote explaining how stable isotope analysis can be used to answer questions important for shark conservation and management.

Here's a blog post explaining this research project in more detail.

Rewards for supporters:

$10 : One sample processed! You will be publicly thanked on twitter (@WhySharksMatter) and Facebook (Facebook.com/WhySharksMatter).

$50: 5 samples processed! You will receive an RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program (SharkTagging.com) logo sticker, a code good for 5% off the purchase of one item from our lab's online store ShopForSharks.com , and everything listed above.

$100: 10 samples processed: You will receive a code good for 10% off the purchase of one item from our lab's online store ShopForSharks.com, a personalized certificate (.PDF) commemorating your generous contribution to this research, and everything listed above.

$400: 40 samples processed! You will get the opportunity to join one of our shark tagging expeditions (a day trip in south Florida) as a citizen scientist (see here for more details) , and everything listed above.

$3,000: 300 samples processed! You will get the opportunity to name one of our satellite tagged sharks, and you can track it as it migrates using Google Earth (see here for more details), and everything listed above.

Project Backers

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