Ivan Hiltpold

Ivan Hiltpold

University of Delaware

Assistant Professor


Published on May 10, 2018


We went ahead and ordered all the cameras and accessories to be ready when the fields are... Cannot wait to start!

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Published on Apr 30, 2018

We have been published!

Recently, we have been published in the Journal of Chemical Ecology (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10886-018-0962-0). Quite an achievement at this stage of the project and we are ver...

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Published on Apr 16, 2018

We made it, THANKS TO YOU!!!

Last week, with your help, the campaign was funded! I would like to take this chance to thank our donors for their support. To date, we have collected $4095 that will be used to monitor birds attac...

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Published on Apr 09, 2018

UD Ecology Woods

The Ecology Woods is a 35 acres urban forest located on UD South Campus in Newark DE. It has been established (and since then undisturbed) in 1972 by Dr. Roland Roth. Since now over 45 years, ecolo...

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Published on Apr 02, 2018

Fake caterpillars: why do we use green and orange?

Caterpillar coloration is very variable and highly depends on their diet. In the lab, we rear them on artificial diet that is optimal for their nutritional needs but colors them in a dull brownish ...

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Published on Mar 29, 2018

How to make an imitation caterpillar?!

In just four steps, you can make this cutting-edge scientific instrument at home... Take a bit of Play-Doh and form a scare. Roll this cub out to form a cylinder. Bend that cylinder in the shape of...

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To mimic the head capsule (and attach the caterpillar to the plant).
Apr 04, 2018
Birds eavesdrop on plant indirect defenses to locate insect preys
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