Lakota Jones

Lakota Jones

Huntington, WV

Marshall University, Department of Exercise Science; University of Kentucky, Department of Kinesiology

BS, Graduate Student and Research Assistant


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Hi Jerry, first I want to say thank you for your donation to this project. I hope to contribute to sport concussion research and current military studies regarding blast wave exposure resulting in TBI. I’m sorry for your experience, during the incident were you shooting a shotgun? If so, what gage? I cannot say for sure if you experienced TBI. If you did, I’d say it was from years of exposure leading up to the incident (this is my personal opinion). I hope my research can help answer your question, along with similar questions many other shooters have! Currently, military research shows blast wave exposure causing TBI, even without symptoms. I recommend clicking the green colored words in the sections of this website, they are links to articles corresponding with the highlighted word. This may help provide answers to your experience! In the meantime, check back to this page for results when the research has been completed (early to mid-January). I will post data and a summary of the results, and whether or not the conclusion is consistent with 1 round of shooting 12 gage shotgun causing TBI. Thank you! I hope this, along with my future results, help solve your case!
Nov 23, 2018
Examining firearm recoil on neurometabolic changes associated with traumatic brain injury
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