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Jeff Young

Austin, Texas

Blue Owl Brewing

Director of Brewing Operations


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Also, since the sequencing doesn't discriminate between dead cells and living cells, a type of control we put in to place was before anything was inoculated, we plated a portion of the nutrient-rich buffered starter (basically just LME, CaCO3, and yeast nutrient) after autoclaving to ensure nothi...more
Thanks, updated. Except for QS. Here's a link for that:
We'll also be looking at the organic acid profile produced in the wort. I expect the bulk of the acids to be the typical ones produced by LAB (mostly lactic, obviously), but I'll be interested to see what low level secondary acids are produced and how different grains might have different "signa...more
I posted this in the main comments section as to why at Blue Owl we do particularly timed wort-sourings----if we do everything right in the brewery and hit our target conditions properly, we can achieve our "maximum potential titratable acidity" for the wort generally in well less than 24 hours. ...more