Katherine Dziedzic

Katherine Dziedzic

PhD Student

Oregon State University

Hi! My name is Katherine Dziedzic, but you can call me Katie! I am currently a fourth year PhD Student at Oregon State University in the Lab of Dr. Eli Meyer.

Ever since the age of ten, I knew I was passionate about the ocean. Annual family vacations to the Caribbean, routine visits to the aquarium and multiple internships at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium developed my enthusiasm and interests in pursuing marine science as a career. When it came time to applying for college, I looked toward the coast and attended the University of Miami in Florida. I double majored in marine science and biology and had a wonderful four years learning all about the ocean. I was a lab intern for three years in a coral reef ecology lab, where I helped perform experiments investigating various stressors on corals and learned various DNA techniques. This experience solidified my passion for studying coral reefs and my desire to continue on to graduate school. As a graduate student, I am continuing to focus on coral reefs and thermal tolerance and acclimation mechanisms. I am extremely interested in management and policy and how science can contribute to the solutions.

Check out my website to learn more about me and my research! katherinedziedzic.com

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May 2015