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H2S gets emitted from paper factories, too, back east... we used to call it "the smell of money" :-) Measuring emissions of H2S, methane, ethane, etc is super-important work. And it's great you are doing it. I wonder if you have considered aligning this work with groups instead of (or in addition to) the Sierra Club? I worry that the Sierra Club is not viewed kindly by the people who actually work and live in the Permian. Is this concern supported by your observations?
Dec 12, 2018
Crowdsourcing hydrocarbon pollution monitoring in shale areas using passive sampling
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Super impressed by your dedication, knowledge and creativity. Just want to point out to other prospective donors: Oxytocin is just one of many life-saving drugs and vaccines that need to be kept cold... which is a huge problem in many countries. The current approach is "excursion indicators" on the packaging, like this: If I understand correctly: the approach that Heather+Kelsie+Josh are taking could not only save lives, but have HUGE market potential, if it can be produced cheaper than that.
Jul 27, 2016
Improving the detection of expired medication in developing countries to improve maternal health
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