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Wonderful! Fascinating experiment! Good luck with journal publishers!
Many thanks to Willa and Emily for their important contributions to this vital work!
Keep up your excellent research. Even a dead end provides information.
Amazing and very interesting! Looking forward to the next installment...
Real significant progress! I will be interesting to see what happens in Round Two. Helpful that you have good snails that always eat their chow.
As a non-scientist, it is very rewarding to read your clear and understandable lab notes. Keep up the great work and wonderful writing!
I'm definitely neither a scientist nor a biologist, but your explanation of what's happening is so clear, that I'm actually on the verge of understanding it. Fascinating!
Very interesting. I eagerly await the next chapter.
Very good and thorough report. Best wishes for success in your third trial. I know your hypothesis is sound. Keep working the angles.
Stunning! Very impressive. Keep it going and good luck!
Very glad that your important research continues! Keep us posted.
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