Michelle Legaspi

Michelle Legaspi

New Haven, CT

Yale University, Ph.D. candidate (2011-present). University of Florida, B.S. Chemistry (2010).

Ph.D. Candidate


Published on May 27, 2015

Research ups and downs

Hi everyone,As I have been steadily learning throughout my time as a graduate student, scientific research has a lot of ups and downs, and things have not gone the way we've expected them to. Our p...

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Published on Aug 25, 2014

The plastic degrading enzyme from Pestalotiopsis microspora

Hi everyone,Switching gears a little, I wanted to give you an updated onmy work with the fungus Pestalotiopsismicrospora, an organism that is capable of degrading the plastic polyesterpolyurethane ...

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Published on May 22, 2014

Collecting latex producing plants in the Amazon Rainforest

The idea of investigating the ability of endophytic fungi to degrade plastic originated from one of the Yale undergraduate students inProfessor Scott Strobel’s Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory ...

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Published on Feb 17, 2014

Update #3: Plastic Visual Clearance Assays

Traditionally,plastic-degrading organisms have been identified by burying plastics in soiland isolating bacteria or fungi growing on the degraded plastic months later;however, a faster screening te...

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Published on Dec 10, 2013

Close up photos of fungi

In response to a request to see close up photographs of the fungi from the previous update, here are some more photos!:

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Published on Dec 04, 2013

Update #1: Regrowing endophytes from latex-producing plants

Alright, now that this project has successfully met itsgoal, it’s time to get down to the science! We will aim to keep all of youupdated on our research progress every few weeks. As stated in our l...

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Published on Nov 14, 2013

Fully funded!!

Thank you so much to everyone for your contributions to this research project! We really appreciate all of your generosity and support. I'm glad to see that people care so much about this issue. We...

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Published on Nov 08, 2013

The goal is within reach!

Thank you so much for all of your contributions and support! We are very close to reaching our funding goal, with 5 days left and 87% of our goal achieved. We are pushing hard at the finish line, a...

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