Michael Scolaro

Michael Scolaro

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Rodos Biotarget GmbH Co-Founder and Medical Consultant

Founder and CEO of Augustus BioTarget. Inc.


Published on Dec 23, 2017

Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier with Curcumin

Today we passed our first important step in the development of a potential treatment for CTE.Studies at the U. of Arizona show that nanocarrier-encapsulated Curcumin crossed the Blood brain Barrier...

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Published on Dec 23, 2017


HOPE FOR COLON CANCEROur Curcumin study was completed today.The combination of CLR-TargoSphere-targeted Curcumin with the Anti-CTLA-4 Checkpoint Inhibitor is superior to either monotherapy in inhib...

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Published on Nov 29, 2017

Death Receptors

A Synergistic Approach to Cancer Immuno-Oncology Our study combines the Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Anti-CTLA-4 and Curcumin, which has been shown to enhance induction of tumor antigen...

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Published on Nov 19, 2017

We Made It!

The Curcumin CTE project is fully funded! Funding covers all expenses for targeting the Blood Brain Barrier at the Charles River Laboratory and the University of Arizona.We will keep you informed ...

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Published on Nov 19, 2017


CURCUMIN CANCER STUDY EARLY RESULTS ARE IN!Early data show nanocarrier-targeted Curcumin in our colon cancer study resulted in the greatest inhibition of tumor growth, even when compared to the Che...

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Published on Nov 19, 2017

Curcumin is Leading the Pack!

Very early data show nanocarrier-targeted Curcumin resulted in the greatest inhibition of colon cancer growth, even when compared to the Checkpoint Inhibitor alone. Additional measurements this we...

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Published on Nov 16, 2017

The tumor treatment is now in its first week with Targosphere curcumin and the checkpoint Inhibitor.

But we are in trouble with the study to treat Chronic Brain Trauma with Curcumin because we have only 3 days left and haven't reached our funding goal. Remember, even young people with repeated hea...

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Published on Nov 16, 2017

Only 2 Days Left to Make a Donation to CTE Treatment Study !

Please share our link with anyone you know who is interested in finding a treatment for CTE. Every donation will help in the final days of our crowdfunding campaign.Please share our link on all you...

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Published on Nov 10, 2017

Treatment Has Begun

Today is Day 1 of tumor treatment with the C-Lectin Receptor nanocarrier (the TargoSphere) with encapsulated Curcumin alone and in combination with the mouse Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor.Treatment ...

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