Michael Spooner

Michael Spooner

Southern New Hampshire University

B.S. Environmental Science


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Published on Sep 05, 2022

Experiment Revisions

I am restarting the Experiment "Mycoremediation via proliferation of native terrestrial fungi."During the Spring and Summer of 2022, I attempted isolating fungal cultures from infertile soil. I was...

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Published on Jul 31, 2022

Culture comparisons & General Overview

Culture comparisons & General OverviewToday is July 31st of 2020, and I am more than halfway done with this experiment! In this review, I will list what has been completed so far, and discuss t...

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Published on Jun 26, 2022

Transferring to larger substrates & analyzing morphology

Transferring to larger substrates & analyzing morphologyThis video was taken on June 18th. I am transferring the fungi (that was cultured from soil samples) into grain-based substrates. Today, ...

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Published on May 25, 2022

The fungus shown above will be grown in larger volumes. Large quantities of this fungus will be inoculated into the soil, where it originated from. After the fungus has fully colonized the soil, the soil will be re-sampled, for a second-round of elem...

Fungal growth on Petri dishes, eight days after initial inoculation.Initial Heavy Metals AnalysisInitial Nutrient Composition AnalysisWhat's next?The fungus shown above will be grown in larger volu...

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Published on May 03, 2022

Sample Collections & Initial inoculations

Sample Collections & Initial inoculationsApril 17th: ten small holes were dug, each approximately 6" - 12" deep. The holes were labelled one through ten with orange flags. April 17th: a total o...

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