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Published on Jan 18, 2018

The Emerald

The press continues to roll in with the publication of this article in local University of Oregon rag, "The Emerald," which highlighted Roo as a scientist of note in its print and online editions t...

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Published on Jan 15, 2018

A Los Cedros Reunion

As we pass the halfway mark in our campaign, we wanted to go outside the lab for a moment to share the special and spontaneous convergence of five people in Eugene yesterday evening, all of whom ha...

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Published on Jan 10, 2018

Stretch Goal #1 - Additional Loci

With the primary goal of $4,000 now complete, we are looking ahead to what further work can be done with additional funding. The natural next step is to consider which collections would most benef...

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Published on Jan 09, 2018

FUNDED! (but wait, there's more!)

At 6:47PM Pacific Standard Time, on January 9th 2018, this project was fully funded. 61 backers gave an average of $66 dollars each in a third of the time needed for this campaign to be a success. ...

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Published on Jan 08, 2018

We're on Colossal! we were featured on the excellent art and design blog, Colossal, a long-time favorite of both mine and Roo's. We reached out to its fou...

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Published on Jan 06, 2018

A Tale of Two Chemicals

This is where all the microscope magic is happening, courtesy of the University of Oregon's Cresko Lab. The actual microscopy lab is under construction, so the fish people have been kind enough to...

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Published on Jan 04, 2018

Little White Blobs

Little White BlobsSome fungi are simply too difficult to identify by the naked eye. One such group of fungi form what I have come to affectionately refer to as the "Little White Blobs." A collect...

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Published on Jan 03, 2018

Our Babies

Here lie the sum total of our 2014 collections, ready for the scoping and sequencing!

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Thank you, Cristina!
Jan 04, 2018
Sequencing the Fungi of the Ecuadorian Andes
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