Ryan McGinnis

Ryan McGinnis

Senior Algorithms Engineer


Published on Apr 01, 2020

PanicMechanic is Live!

The project that started here has made it to the Apple App Store as PanicMechanic an interactive app that uses concepts from biofeedback to help people manage their panic attacks. Check it out! htt...

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Published on May 28, 2019


Hi All,Thank you for supporting this project and for sticking with us all this time! Last week we presented some initial results from this work at The 16th IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Wea...

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Published on Dec 01, 2017

In-Home Validation Study Approved by the IRB: We Need Your Help!

Help us take the next step towards a mobile treatment for panic attacks. In 15 minutes you can help us AND become eligible to win an Amazon gift card! To participate, please proceed to the link bel...

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Published on May 01, 2016

Nature Calls for Increased Scientific Support for Mental Healthcare Apps

A limited supply of qualified mental health professionals has burdened would-be patients with significant wait times and astronomical costs for mental health services. To meet this...

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Reply to:Denny LuanDenny Luan
Hi Denny, the matlab code used to generate the plots in this lab note is now hosted in a public github repository. You can access it here: https://github.com/ryan-mcginnis/panic-button
Reply to:Denny LuanDenny Luan
Thanks Denny! The video was recorded on my iPhone, and the plots are all from Matlab. We plan to release the source code sometime soon... I just need to make sure everything is nicely commented :)
Note on the second plot, my heart didn't actually stop, there is just some noise in our heart rate predictions :)