Steven James Lee, Ph.D.

Steven James Lee, Ph.D.

Pomona, California

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona



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Published on Mar 17, 2021

Hey Backers,

Hey Backers,Thank you for your patience. I ran the regression analyses and submitted my preliminary results to my dissertation committee. Earlier this week, we had a call that lasted more than 2....

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Published on Feb 24, 2021

Hi Backers!

Hi Backers!Just wanted to post a quick note that I now have more than 200 usable observations. This is half of my goal, but given that it's taken me this long to reach the midway point, I received...

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Published on Jan 12, 2021

Hey Backers!

Hey Backers!As promised, I'm writing again now that I have obtained enough respondents who fit my parameters of age 50+ with another $100,000 of net worth. While waiting for respondents to complet...

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Published on Jan 03, 2021

Greetings Backers!

Greetings Backers!Since I implemented the changes to my pre-screen questionnaire (see prior lab notes post), I have issued the survey through Amazon Mechanical Turk in tranches trying to reach the ...

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Published on Dec 11, 2020

Hey Backers,

Hey Backers,I received the initial results back on the 100-participant dry run, and they looked good. My experiment randomizes participants into two 2x2 groups.Grouping #1 Misleading advertisement...

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Published on Nov 24, 2020

Hello Backers!

Hello Backers!Thank you so much for supporting my project: "Do People Know When They've Been Defrauded." Your generosity means so much to me.My initial timeline posted on the project was conservat...

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