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Peter and Joachim, hi again. I thought you guys might have some interest in this unique type of EEG elastic cap, using saline solution and sponges. It might possibly last over an 8 hour session. http://openbci.com/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/1663/greentek-gelfree-s-eeg-cap I just posted an up...more
Peter and Joachim, your perseverance inspires. Chaos is relative. We're all wading through it right now. Synchronicities and collaborations continue to present themselves. Some dream-like qualities there for sure. ;-) Regarding your electrodes: I'd suggest focusing on the simplest thing that ca...more
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Aladdin LD headset, technical details, https://patents.google.com/patent/US9737683B2/
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Looking forward to test driving your LD induction on OpenBCI. Regarding channel counts, there are also some spare (lower resolution) analog / digital I/O pins on top of the Cyton mainboard. Not sure if you guys follow commercial developments, but the Aladdin team is moving slowly forward if you ...more
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Peter thanks. Curious about your channel / 10-20 site allocation. Do you actually need all 16 channels? Here is a thread on the forum showing a typical PSG layout. My hunch is that the Daisy shield in this application may add additional fragility and more volume / area to deal with regarding bed ...more
Peter, thanks for this update. As far as the range of headsets / caps that could be used for sleep EEG, have you considered the forces and pressures exerted -- as the head naturally rolls around on the pillow over night? Would some kind of flat elastic cap or band system, be less prone to artifa...more