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What the Community Team is About

We work with and for our community. We care about science more than just about anything else. We want to live in a world where anyone can be scientist. We will do whatever it takes to make this a reality, faster. We work extremely hard and make decisions quickly.

What You're About

You, you have strong opinions on what the future of science looks like. Your friends would say you’re determined to make this happen to the point that you seem to believe the outcome is inevitable. If you dream of talking to scientists all day about bringing their ideas to life, this role will be perfect for you. You are extremely patient, but straight forward when someone is clearly wasting your time. You care about getting things done fast and hold yourself to the highest standards.

What is a Grant Officer?

Grant Officers organize Challenge Grants that run for 2 months. The first month is spent responding to inbound requests from scientists interested in your Challenge Grant. You'll help them understand crowdfunding and design their prospetive projects. This involves calling scientists on the phone or over Skype and doing a lot of listening. At the end of the first month scientists will submit proposals. It is the grant officer's responsibility to review and accept 15+ proposals. All projects will launch on the same date and run for 30 days. A $1,000 prize is awarded to the project with the most number of backers in the 3rd week. The Grant Officer is the first point of contact for all scientists in their Challenge Grant Program.

Past Challenge Grants include Marine Mammals, Zika Virus, Insects, Animal Superpowers, Fish, Paleontology, Cats, Sleep, Sharks, Seabirds, and iGEM. Upcoming Challenge Grants include Herpatology, Weather, Zoos, and other topics you want to propose.

Grant Officers are paid on a contract basis based on performance of the projects. This is a remote position, so you can work from anywhere with Internet. Past grant officers have been graduate students, post doctoral fellows, and natural history museum curators.


  • Explain to prospective scientists how crowdfunding works through phone calls, Skype, or email.
  • Scientifically evaluate and provide constructive criticism to 15+ project proposals.
  • Be the first point of contact for scientists in your program.


  • You have run a successful Experiment campaign.
  • You are a great listener and can internalize and identify a customers concerns.
  • Demonstrated passion for helping others to succeed.

  • Want to chat?

    Send us an email at with a proposed Challenge Grant topic and why you this this topic is interesting to our community.

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