Do birds carry Lyme disease?

Heather Kopsco

Montana State University

This project was funded on:
17 September 2013
Although Lyme is considered to be endemic only in Europe and the northeastern and midwestern United States, people throughout the US and the world are suffering with this debilitating illness. This research seeks to find out how common it is for birds in the wild to be carriers of the Lyme disease bacteria which would shed light on their role in the spread of Lyme via their movement and migrations.


Budget Overview

This budget will cover the costs of the field and laboratory materials.

Meet the Researcher


I am a full time graduate student studying ecology and evolution at Montclair State University, in Montclair, NJ, and will be serving as a graduate teaching assistant come this fall. In addition to my roles as a student, I recently interned with Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. Our projects included ranavirus sampling, bat acoustic monitoring, as well as public outreach and intervention in cases where bats have roosted in homes and private buildings. My research interests are diverse, but birds and zoonotic diseases (those that are capable of spreading between non-human animals and humans) really excite me. You want to talk Lyme or avian flu? Better clear out the next few hours of your schedule. My other interests include hiking and traveling with my husband, birding, gardening, food, animal rescue and rehabilitation, and my pit bull mix, Isis.


Project Backers

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