Heather Kopsco

Heather Kopsco

Warwick, RI

University of Rhode Island

Ph.D. candidate in ecology (anticipated graduation Dec. 2019)



Published on Apr 17, 2019

Can you identify these ticks?

Can you identify these ticks?To kick off our crowdfunding campaign, we want to give you a peek into what we do. To put it simply, we identify ticks by photograph. Even though we're trained in tick ...

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Published on Apr 02, 2015

More results!

Greetings! Since my last update I have been working in the lab to clear up some inconclusive results on three bird blood samples (see last update here). It took a lot longer than I would have liked...

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Published on Jul 30, 2014

*drum roll* Preliminary Results!

Borrelia burgdorferiBorreliaBorrelia burgdorferiBorrelia burgdorferiBorrelia gariniiBorrelia afzelii. Borrelia burgdorferiBorreliaBorreliaBorreliaBorrelia*RESULTS*BorreliacompletelyBE TICK AWARE!

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Published on May 21, 2014

Hello, again!

Montclair has never worked with a crowd-funded project beforeWith your donation, you've officially made history at Montclair State University.Poecille atricapillusPicoides villosusCyanocitta crista...

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Published on Oct 12, 2013

New York Academy of Sciences Panel Discussion

Hi everyone! The briefing from the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) event on crowdfunding in academia is now available. You have to be a member of NYAS to view the video (not a bad investment i...

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Published on Sep 28, 2013


Allow me to begin this long-overdue update by thanking each and every one of you for making this project a reality. WE DID IT! Or really, YOU did it! YOU raised $8,000 to further scientific knowl...

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Published on Sep 12, 2013

Photos from the field

Hi everyone! We recently spent several days collecting samples out at the NJ School of Conservation, located in Stokes State Forest in Northwestern New Jersey, with some great results! Below are s...

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Thanks so much, Mike!
Oct 15, 2015
Do birds carry Lyme disease?
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Yes, thank you! Glad to report it :).
May 21, 2014
Do birds carry Lyme disease?
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Thanks! When actually taking the blood sample we wear gloves to avoid the possibility of transmission. In this photo (and the kestrel chick one) we're examining/preparing the area which I found easier to do without gloves.
Sep 12, 2013
Do birds carry Lyme disease?
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