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The goal of this project is to understand how science bloggers choose what to write about. What makes them write about Ebola? Gender inequality in science? Bad science on the internet? I'm doing interviews and a survey to find out. Follow my hashtag #MySciBlog for things science bloggers say. If you are a science blogger yourself, you can support this project by signing up to receive my survey when it is ready. Just click here.

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What is the context of this research?

The role of science blogging and science bloggers is expanding and diversifying today. More Americans get their science news online than ever, and much of that is now coming from science blogs. And yet, relatively little research has targeted the practices, routines and values of science bloggers. Traditionally, science bloggers have been the champions of fighting bad science on the internet.

But today, they are so much more. Who are science bloggers? What do they do? How do they decide what to blog about? I'm conducting a large-scale online survey to find out!

What is the significance of this project?

If we don't understand how and why science bloggers do what they do, we will never be able to fully assess the impact of science blogs - and what they COULD be for us in the future.

"the two things that get me really interested are, if it's science that I find really interesting, or, if it's something that's really, really wrong." - Science Blogger, #MySciBlog

"I think that... your gender definitely has a factor in terms of what you choose to write about." - Science Blogger, #MySciBlog

The issue of open access: "I'm thinking more and more [...] as to whether to only write about open access articles." - Science Blogger, #MySciBlog

"There's no, 'how to blog' guidebook...you have to just watch...what are the people...considered to be the best at this doing?" - Science Blogger, #MySciBlog

What are the goals of the project?

My goal is to conduct a large-scale online survey of science bloggers. I have already interviewed more than 50 science bloggers world-wide, so now it's time for a more number-crunching survey. But to collect this survey data, I need funds to offer science bloggers an incentive to take and complete my online survey. A goal of $1,000 for this project would allow me to give a $5 incentive to at least 200 bloggers.

If you are a science blogger wanting to get involved in my research, you can sign up for my survey and to receive further notifications here: https://t.co/dt6EoMyIAh


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We did it!! Thank you to everyone who funded this project to meet its original goal! With 11 days left to go, I'm setting a new goal of $2,000, to be able to compensate up to 200 science bloggers $10 each, or up to 500 science bloggers $5.
Also, if you donate now,
I'll give you free science art!

*Experiment also takes a small percentage of the funds.

My survey of science bloggers includes over 70 intriguing questions. I need to offer a small financial incentive to help science bloggers, who often make little money despite their important task in the science news ecosystem, complete my survey.

If I reach my funding goal with this project, I will be able to compensate the first 200 science bloggers who take my survey at least $5 each. I'll do this via Amazon e-gift codes revealed to each participant once they complete my survey.

Bloggers who take my survey will also have the option of donating their money toward a science communication cause/charity, or toward open access publishing fees.

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Paige Brown Jarreau
Paige Brown Jarreau
Science Communication Specialist


Louisiana State University
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Team Bio

I am a biological engineer turned journalist and science communicator. Science is my interest, but writing is my passion. I've been known to translate science into story. I have an M.S. in Biological & Agricultural Engineering, but now I'm getting my PhD in mass communication. I conduct research at the intersection of science journalism, science communication and new media. Please feel free to ask me questions anytime, and follow me on Twitter @FromTheLabBench.

I have a black boxer dog. I dove headfirst into water from a 10meter platform in college. I love to dance (ballet) and drink strong coffee. Writing and reading about science is the coolest thing I do.

Oh yes, I am also a science blogger myself! Visit my blog here.

Paige Brown Jarreau

Paige Jarreau is a science communication researcher specializing in social media. She's also an avid blogger (fromthelabbench.com) and Instagrammer. She Instagrams science @scicommnerd and @lsuscience. However, her circus arts Instagram is far more popular - @fromthelabbench! In her day job, she works for the LSU College of Science and LSU Communication across the Curriculum Science Studio.

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The Myths of Science Blogging!

I've already interviewed over 50 science bloggers for my research. Here is what their social network ties look like on Twitter, by the people they interact with most:

This is what me and my Twitter friends talk about:

Featured image by Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr.com.

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