The DIG Field School: Hands-On Paleontology Experiences for K-12 Science Teachers

Gregory P. Wilson | Lauren B. DeBey

University of Washington

This project was funded on:
7 June 2013
The DIG Field School helps make science exciting and relevant for students by giving teachers the chance to be part of real paleontology research and bring that research into their classrooms. Teachers dig up dinosaurs and other fossils, get professional development, and students get real inquiry-based science projects and activities - everybody wins! Wondering what exactly teachers do during the DIG Field School? Check out our video! See footage and photos from the field and hear from teachers from our 2012 Field School.


Budget Overview

The budget for the field school covers everything except transportation to and from Montana for the participant teachers. We provide the food, supplies, field manuals, instruction, transportation around the area, and in-class visits when the field school is over for a total cost of $8,000.

At this time, DIG teachers have to get themselves to and from Montana, and in the past we have had teachers that could not attend because of the travel costs. The extra $2,000 will allow us give each teacher a stipend minimum of $100, helping them to attend the field school and ultimately share their experience with their students.

Meet the Researcher


My research examines evolution and ecology of early mammals in the context of major events in earth history through fieldwork, systematics, and quantitative functional analysis of modern and extinct species. Current research projects focus on three broad topics:

  1. Mammalian change across the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary
  2. Mammal tooth shape and diet
  3. Biogeography of Cretaceous mammals

Learn more about the Dig Field School - and apply to participate - here.

If you'd like to donate anonymously to our campaign, you can write a check to UW Advancement. For more information on donating anonymously, feel free to contact, UW Advancement, or Cindy at Microryza.

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