What characteristics matter most when evaluating a person's attractiveness?

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List of measures

The measures we will be include in this study are:

  • 2D:4D finger ratio (a proxy for fetal testosterone levels)
  • Hand grip strength (using a dynamometer)
  • Facial symmetry using photographs
  • Height, weight, and body fat %
  • Shoulder-to-hip and hip-to-waist ratios.
  • Voice pitch
  • Motivation and ambitiousness questionnaires
  • Personality (using a Big 5 personality inventory)
  • Creativity using a creative writing task
  • Humour using a "caption competition" type task
  • Intelligence using a Raven's matrices test
  • Empathy and Kindness questionnaires

Self-reported attractiveness and sexual history will be measured using the following questionnaires.

  • Sociosexual Orientation Inventory - Revised (Penke & Asendorf, 2008)
  • Self-perceived mating success scale

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