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Well, hello there! This is my sample project, showing you what goes into a well made project page for Experiment! Many have come before you, so we have many lessons for you to look at to make your crowdfunding experience better.

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What is the context of this research?

This is the project goal section.

What is the significance of this project?

Socks are expensive to frequently replace.

What are the goals of the project?

I will run a split test of different colored socks, different sized socks, and geotag them to make them easy to find once the experiment is started.


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About 15 bucks altogether!

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I've worked with George in the past where we tied water-proof tracking devices to the socks, however we found that the tracking devices were removed too easily. George is one of my most trusted colleagues and one of the top experts in missing sock research. This project is not only important for science, but also relevant to so many household families that lose socks after they put them in the washing machine.
merp. merp. meh.
I believe George to be skilled in arts, crafts, and his craft. Supporting George is sure-as-shit a great idea. Go gooch!

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George Su
George Su
Cookie Eater


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Denny Luan
Denny Luan
co-founder of Experiment
Oscar Jasklowski
Oscar Jasklowski


Formerly UCLA and the University of Utah
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Team Bio

pretty enigmatic guy

George Su

My name is George and I like to eat sushi.

Denny Luan

Experimenter. Equal parts biochemistry, synthetic biology, game theory, and

Oscar Jasklowski

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by boats, bicycles, and breakfast!

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