Will vitamin D improve the health of patients with heart failure?

Heidi Moretti, MS, RD | Dr. Bradley Berry

Saint Patrick Hospital

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2 March 2014

We are trying to determine if supplemental vitamin D in heart failure patients will improve heart function and quality of life. This is a new and exciting area of research, as observational studies show that patients with heart failure and vitamin D deficiency have an almost 3 fold risk of death compared with those who are vitamin D replete, and risk of sudden cardiac death is 5 times greater among those with deficiency.


Budget Overview

All of our equipment, lab costs, and physician time is donated generously by Saint Patrick Hospital, International Heart Institute of Montana, Dr. Bradley Berry, Biotech Pharmacal, and Shape HF. While we have found some initial exciting results, we have ran out of funding to complete our study. We need your help! With your help, we can complete our study, publish our findings and influence the care of chronic heart failure for the better. The ask is to help us complete the study through donations for vitamin D randomization, pill counts, data collection, documentation, writing, and cardiopulmonary function testing

Meet the Researcher


I have always been motivated to conduct research projects in the field of nutrition; I believe that vitamin D research is absolutely essential to help improve the lives of many patient groups, and my specific interest is related to cardiovascular diseases, as well as rehabilitation. I feel fortunate to work with a team that is equally as motivated to advance the science of vitamin D. Publication of our results in a peer-reviewed scientific journal will allow the world to learn from this study as well. My goal is that we will be one step further towards improving every patients’ lives of those living with heart failure.

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The study is highly relevant and important. For large clinical studies to be funded smaller studies such as this need...See more

Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Michigan


This research will help unfold the role of vitamin D in heart failure, which remains a relatively unexplored topic to...See more

Dr. Bradley Berry

This is important research to bridge observation of Vitamin D deficiency and the more important clincal outcome of...See more

Cardiologist at International Heart Institute of Montana

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