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Lab Note #9
Jun 09, 2014
Hey Everyone,
Things keep moving forward. We're kind of in a holding pattern of restricted diet and light testing until the A2 supplementation happens at the beginning of next month. Therefore, there isn't much exciting news. We've gotten some strange Farnsworth Munsell (FM) results lately, but it's not something that we are trying to look to hard into. We need more information before we start coming up with ideas. That said, here's the latest FM results:

Yep, pretty odd. Everyone spiked in week 4 for some reason. We're not sure why things swung back the way they did. Maybe more data will help. Oh, and by the way, that isn't a lack of data on the control subject. Control just keeps scoring 0 on the test. 

We have received our new electrodes and we gotta say, DTL electrodes rock! Great resolution, very little noise, no bruising of the eyelids...

Here is a snapshot of our readings from the 840nm led, right at the very edge of human vision:

As you can see, there is a lot of noise. That makes sense, since we are shining a light into the eye. The ERG is taking the excitation of the eye and reading that signal.
Now let's take a look at The signal from a 950nm electrode:

Notice the lack of signal. Obviously, the eye is not seeing anything here. There are two more levels of NIR that we will be testing for, and we will be able to compare the amount of excitation between them to see how much change, if any, is caused by the Vitamin A2.

Twenty days till we take the A2! Thanks for following along :)

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