Valentine's Day Card For All Backers!

Lab Note #5
Jan 28, 2015

Since my project now ends on Valentine's Day it seems only suiting that I send you all a free Valentine's Day card just for backing my project! I spent last night creating this really awesome, totally nerd-tastic Valentine's Day image to put on these cards and would love for you all to have them to hand out to your friends and loved ones! The cards will be sent via email as a PDF and this way you can print out as many as you want to give away, or just email the card to people! And the best part is these cards are free to anyone who backs my project, no matter how small the donation!

As love was in the air I also decided to share the love with all of you and reduce the funding amount to name a virus to only $50! Nerds, such as myself, would love getting this card and a message saying that you have given them the ability to name a virus as their Valentine's Day present!

Going with the virus/nerd theme the inside is likely to say:

"Your Love is Infectious"

"Happy VD!"

You can also get your cards with just a blank inside or a different saying if you so choose!

*Actual card will not have words across the image*

Please check out my project page and ask questions in the comments section!

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