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Published on Apr 08, 2015

Materials are arriving!

The prep kits I need to get the DNA ready for sequencing have arrived! I have one more product that I need to order, and am currently working with vendors to get the best price. Curr...

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Published on Apr 01, 2015

Update #1

Hello backers! Thanks to all of you I am back in the lab processing my samples. I have 15 sets of samples to prepare for sequencing, and as I plan on comparing them to each other, one of my top pri...

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Published on Feb 09, 2015

Fully funded, thank you backers and VWR!!!

With five days to go my project has been fully backed!!! I am so thankful to all of you and am extremely excited to get in the lab to begin the work processing those samples! As I make progress I w...

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Published on Feb 04, 2015

Is Making Yogurt Similar to Processing Wastewater?

It may be surprising to hear, but they are indeed very similar. Although they both start with drastically different materials (dairy versus sewerage) they both use bioprocessing and both end with c...

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Published on Feb 01, 2015

Viruses are Finger Licking Good

It is Super Bowl Sunday, the deep fryer is on the counter, the chicken is soaking in buttermilk, and there is nothing left to do but think about football. This nerd loves football! My husband is fr...

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Published on Jan 28, 2015

Valentine's Day Card For All Backers!

Since my project now ends on Valentine's Day it seems only suiting that I send you all a free Valentine's Day card just for backing my project! I spent last night creating this really awesome, tota...

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Published on Jan 27, 2015

When I Hike I Think of Viruses

Recently my family and I went for a hike around the Leon Sink Geological Area just outside of Tallahassee. The sink holes in this area are formed when water erodes away the soft rocks under the wat...

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Just discovered that only backers can comment here, but anyone can comment in the regular comment section of my project page. I am curious in everyone's ideas for a virus name, so if you are not a backer consider heading over to that comment page! Thank you to everyone who has backed, shared, and...more
I'll start the comments off with my suggested name: TheVictoriousDeLoreanTimeMachine Virus! Have I mentioned that the Back to the Future series is one of my all time favorite movie trilogies?!?