Jeff Day

Jeff Day


Published on Feb 03, 2016

Level Up

Hi Everyone New content for is in the works! I’m planning an interactive graphic about spinal levels. Below are some sketches, and I’ve started throwing them into the computer...

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Published on Aug 30, 2015

Summer Update

Hello all - sorry about the hiatus in updates. It has been a busy summer and I haven't had a chance to add to the site yet.I did have the opportunity to present our project at two conferences this ...

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Published on May 15, 2015

We have a website!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we officially have a website:! Originally Jeff was thinking of developing a "Frog" themed website, but the input from Kidsteam UB suggested ...

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Published on Apr 05, 2015

100% Funded! Thank you!

Hello! We just wanted to thank all our backers for helping to fund this project, and we are excited to continue with its development!The next step for us is to create content and pages for the webs...

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Published on Mar 10, 2015

Thank you cards

Wow, we're about to hit our goal! While we're not there yet, to be honest we're quite overwhelmed with the support. We really appreciate the generosity of all our backers and can't ...

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Published on Mar 09, 2015

Check out our animations!

We'd like to share our animations with you!We worked with Kidsteam at the University of Baltimore, which is an intergenerational group of kids and adults that come up with methods t...

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Published on Mar 07, 2015

Our Second Animation! Please weigh in!

Thanks again so much to all our backers. We can't believe the generous support that we've received so far.We've created another animation. Two actually. They introduce the concept of spinal cord in...

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Published on Feb 23, 2015

Our first animation, from storyboard to final

Thanks to all our backers for the generous support so far! Here's a quicky example of an animation scene progressing from the storyboard to the final product.I sketch out all my storyboards roughly...

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Published on Feb 22, 2015

Our first animation: Your Spinal Cord and You!

We just wanted to say thanks so much to all the funders who've backed this project so far. Here's a sneak-peek of our first animation! Jeff is inspired by cartoons he sees on the cartoon network an...

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Thanks for checking out the vids! Are they still messed up? I tried on a couple computers and if I click "watch on Vimeo", it worked for me, but not sure if others are still having issues? Thank you for letting me know!
Thanks Denny! Yup I'm doing the drawing, coloring and animation. Maybe I'll share a post about how the drawings are built!