We're Getting Close!!

Lab Note #5
May 05, 2014

Bula everyone! 

The 2014 field season is getting closer and closer!! My lab and I are solidifying our plans for the summer, and I'm getting so excited that I wanted to take a break from the end-of-semester craziness to update you all with what's goin' on:

First things first, in a few weeks those of you who contributed $100 or more will be able to choose which watercolors you want me to paint for you! Once the semester ends (around mid-May) I'll be uploading pictures of the last two species I'm studying, then you can then let me know which one you'd like. I will try to paint and ship all of them before leaving for the field in late June! (Or, if you already know you want one of the three I've uploaded, send me a message and I can try to get a head start) 

Postcards, underwater thank you cards, and Fijian masi cloths will all be coming to you guys during and after the field season.

Next item of business: Fiji 2014!! Flights have been purchased, lodging has been booked, and a working schedule has been established! :) :) :) We're heading out on June 21st, and I'll be posting updates, photos, and (possibly) videos here on Experiment lab notes, and I'll also be sending out lots of tweets for the duration of my trip, which will last until August 15th. Sidenote - if you are on Twitter and haven't followed me yet, you totally should ;) My handle is @eastofthewoods

As I mentioned in the video and in the project description, I will be visiting 5 sites in Fiji - including a site in the Lau island group, which was added to the list after exceeding my initial goal of $1,500 and reaching 174% of my total funding goal! Woohoo, thank you again everyone! As a result you will all be barraged with beautiful photos and videos of literal paradise (the Lau group is considered to be one of the most pristine environments in Fiji), and I will be able to collect samples from a really interesting location relative to the rest of Fiji, hopefully providing a more robust picture of connectivity within the country.

Also, in case any of you are interested in the effects of ocean acidification on MPA's, check out this article I wrote for Columbia University's State of the Planet in March:

And with that, vinkaka vakalevu ("thank you very much" in Fijian), and stay tuned for watercolor photos and more updates!!

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