Hello from the field!

Lab Note #1
Jul 08, 2014
Hey Everyone! 

I want to give you a little update about what has been going on with my research. I've been out in the field for about a month now and have encountered over a dozen Giant Sea Bass! 

And even more recently we have been seeing them starting to aggregate in groups as large as 7 fish in a single area. With these larger sightings, I have also picked an area where the Giants are most common to place my hydrophone, which I am super stoked about.

We have created a facebook page, Giant Sea Bass Collective, to help promote the research, as well as the GREAT GIANT SEA BASS COUNT that we will be doing in August. If you dive and live in California we would love your help with this survey! 

I also have a blog where I do live updates (so I don't blow up your emails) if you would like to check it out: thatfishkid
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