Stephanie Prince

Stephanie Prince

Cambridge, UK

BirdLife International Marine Programme

High Seas Programme Manager


Published on Jan 12, 2018

First Hookpod results presented to bycatch experts

The results of our first three trips using Hookpods were presented at the Bycatch Working Group of the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) in New Zealand. ACAP is a mult...

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Published on Aug 01, 2017

Our first results are in from Brazil- and they look promising!

Since late May we have been testing Hookpods and ProGlow lights in the Brazilian pelagic longline fleet. The specific objectives of our project included comparing the catch rate of target fish spec...

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Published on May 31, 2017

Hookpod testing well underway

Since the last update when the hookpods and ProGlow LED lights were on their way to Brazil, we have made considerable progress. It took much longer than expected to get the materials out of Brazili...

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Published on Nov 30, 2016

A Christmas delivery of seabird saving devices

Since we successfully got our funding back in August, thanks to our amazing backers, hookpod have been busy manufacturing 3000 units ready to ship to Brazil for use in our trials. These are now com...

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Published on Sep 02, 2016

Results of albatross competition

Hi everyone, Our crowdfunding project has now come to an end, and we raised a massive $9562 for our Hookpod project. Thank you so much for your contributions; we can't wait to get the project start...

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Published on Aug 06, 2016

Can you donate just $1 for albatross??

Thank you so much to our backers so far, we really have been amazed by your generosity. However we are only at 51% funded so we still need your help. This project is part of the seabird challenge, ...

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Reply to:Denny LuanDenny Luan
Hi Denny, The first thing to do is get proof through experimentation that the technique works, and then to get it recognised as a Best Practice technique (which is what ACAP do). With all of our work the bulk is getting measures accepted into the fishery. In this case we are working with one ...more
Reply to:David ClappDavid Clapp
Thanks Dave. We are grateful to all our backers for funding this important project. Without you guys we couldn't have even started it.
Reply to:Gill FruinGill Fruin
Hi Gill, it was good to meet you too. That is very kind of you, more funds are always gratefully received as we have lots of projects ongoing. Would you like to send me an email to discuss further? Thanks!
Reply to:Robert BurtonRobert Burton
Yes Bob, I should have mentioned that fishermen use lights to attract fish to the hooks.
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