Where we go from here! (We promised)

Lab Note #21
Sep 30, 2016

We've been enormously gratified by the response of thousands of people to the idea that we may be able to influence our body's metabolism in the direction of improved health by restricting the amount of carbohydrate that we eat. Inhibition of insulin secretion has favorable effects on weight control, type 2 diabetes, several lipid markers that bear on cardiovascular disease, and quite possibly the incidence of many kinds of cancers. 

We've mentioned that we want to keep this conversation going.  We will notify you shortly of web-site, soon to be available in which new content on ketogenic diets and metabolism will be added on a regular basis.

Richard and I have collaborated for more than 15 years on carbohydrate restriction and other topics, so I can tell you that we know each other pretty well.  For the moment, I direct you to Richard's blog (Feinman the Other). As he's much more adept at social media than I am, I give Richard the stage while our web-site awaits. His blog is wide in scope and discusses many topics besides carbohydrate restriction. I suspect that you will find the blog very interesting.

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