Good news !!

Lab Note #14
May 11, 2015

Two months since the end of the campaign. We received the money from Since then I have spent around 30% of the total in a couple of important reagents. This has allowed me to plan more experiments than before and we are finding very interesting results.

I am not ready to publish it yet and we need more data but things are going well. I am not 100% sure about it but it seems there is an early mechanism of survival in lung cancer cells that is activated after exposure to erlotinib (tarceva). I am still not sure that is general mechanism or is dependent on erlotinib (or on losing EGFR signaling). And it implies an alternative spicing (a change on the genetic sequence and after that on the structure of the protein) of a protein involved in cellular death.

These results support our initial hypothesis but also open the window to explore what is going on the early days of resistance to the drug. And, that could be a therapeutic opportunity.

I hope that I would be able to confirm these results. And, again, thank you all since I have know more freedom (thanks to the crowdfunding) to plan and do experiments.

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