Thank you !!!

Lab Note #13
Feb 24, 2015

I few months ago I did put together this campaign. I had a lot of hope. But it was not was easy. However, every single donation helped and every time I've got an e-mail saying that a new pledge has been posted I was feeling great no matter the amount. I've had help and support from amazing people through Facebook and Twitter.It was challenging but also exciting. And it was an opportunity to meet new amazing people, to get to know other stories and to develop friendship.

This campaign succeeded because a lot of people believed in it and supported by share Facebook posts, by retweeting, by sending e-mails. Thanks to all of you now we have $6,000 to buy reagents and kits for lung cancer project. Maybe it's not a lot of money and it's not an NIH grant but it will help a lot to get this project moving until we are able to secure more funding.

However, I also want to say that through this crowdfunding campaign I learned a lot about the disease and the people beyond the lab. I am convinced that scientists can not longer work in their labs worrying about the next publication and trying to secure academic positions. We have to reach out. We have to communicate, explain and understand what is really going on. Because, as scientists we are fascinated by the molecular mechanisms involved in our little research projects but we can not forget that our main goal is the cure of this horrible disease. I am a basic scientist by training but I am now fully committed to make my research go to the clinical side as soon as possible. This is my goal and this is my commitment to all of you.Obviously, there are limitations and problems but I will do my best. That I can promise.


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