Jordi Tauler Vaillet

Jordi Tauler Vaillet


Published on Jun 06, 2015

Fourteen years

On July 2nd I will put an end to more than fourteen years of lung cancer research in the lab. I will start a new job, related to cancer research, but no more bench work. No more experiments running...

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Published on May 11, 2015

Good news !!

Two months since the end of the campaign. We received the money from Since then I have spent around 30% of the total in a couple of important reagents. This has allowed me to plan m...

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Published on Feb 24, 2015

Thank you !!!

I few months ago I did put together this campaign. I had a lot of hope. But it was not was easy. However, every single donation helped and every time I've got an e-mail saying that a new pledge has...

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Published on Feb 11, 2015

Special Matching Opportunity

Thanks to the generosity of an Anonymous Donor, all new donations will be matched dollar for dollar! Matched amounts will be updated daily.This should help us to reach goal. So, from now on your do...

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Published on Feb 10, 2015

Selling a story or working for the cure ??

I have been in different labs over the last 14 years. I have learned good things in all of them. However, in my experience I am worried about the increase of this "selling the story" mode that seem...

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Published on Feb 06, 2015


Dear friends and supporters,We have been guaranteed a two week extension. So, right now we have 13 days more to keep going. I am extremely confident that we can make.Moreover, we have some good res...

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Published on Feb 05, 2015

All or nothing in 16 hours

Dear friends,This is it. Final day. I don't want to extend this campaign. It's all or nothing in 16 hours. If we don't 100% funded we got $0. Those are the rules.Anyway, it's been an amazing experi...

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Published on Feb 03, 2015

End of campaign

Dear friends, supporters, backers...In less than 60 hours, this campaign will end.I am really grateful for all people that has supported and contributed to this #crowdfunding project. I still don't...

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Published on Jan 30, 2015

Support from the Pearl Project !!

The Pearl Project will support our project by giving 100% of their sales for the next 7 days to our crowdfunding project !!This is wonderful and we're very excited about it !!Check it out ...

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Totally agree. Precision medicine is a very cool word but in reality just a few mutations can be targeted. Of a list of 29 possible driver mutations in lung cancer only 4 have approved drugs to target them. And for these 4 drugs, the response is initially good, on subset of patients, which means ...more