Gert van Wijngaarden

Gert van Wijngaarden

Turfdraagsterpad 9, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Centre of Ancient Studies and Archaeology. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Published on Apr 01, 2019

Sponsor Trip to Ancient Troy

You have helped us fund the 2018 campaign of excavations at ancient Troy. To support the Amsterdam Troy Project in 2019, we will organize a sponsor trip to Troy from 6-12 June. You will be given th...

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Published on Dec 17, 2018

Results of the Amsterdam Troy Project 2018

Results of the Amsterdam Troy Project 2018It has been some time since we have reported on the Amsterdam Troy Project 2018, but this is not because nothing was happening. We have been studying the r...

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Published on Aug 18, 2018

The last week of work at Troy (for now...)

This Friday was the last day of working at Troy. We have begun our journey back toAmsterdam, where we all hope to have some time to relax, shower and not get up at 06:00 am! Last Wednesday afternoo...

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Published on Aug 12, 2018

The second week at Troy

The second week of excavations of the Amsterdam team at Troy has now passed. The weather has been fairly pleasant: not too hot and with a nice breeze. In close cooperation with our Turkish colleag...

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Published on Aug 04, 2018

The summer campaign at Troy has begun!

Before beginning the fieldwork, we need to know exactly where to set out our trenches. By Tuesday, we had agreed amongst ourselves and with our Turkish colleagues where exactly we would excavate. B...

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Published on Jun 24, 2018

Spring Campaign at Troy

Yesterday, the spring campaign of our research at Troy has ended. We have been able to prepare and plan the summer campaign, which will take place in August. Because of your generous contributions,...

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Published on Mar 18, 2018

Thank you all

Only a few hours remain before the end of our crowdfunding campaign. I wish to  thank all of you for your generosity, which funded our initial project and almost all of our 'stretch goal'.This crow...

Backers Only
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Published on Mar 14, 2018

Visual documentation at Troy

The earliest excavations at Troy, those by Frank Calvert in the 1860 and Heinrich Schliemann in the 1870’s were done before the widespread use of photography. Some photographs were made by Schliema...

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Published on Mar 06, 2018

We reached our funding goal!

Thanks to a number of very generous donations yesterday, we have reached our funding target of $ 6,906 twelve days before the deadline. The Amsterdam Troy Team wishes to thank warmly all those who ...

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Thank you Bernard. Yes. From every find group, we are (dry) sieving 3 liters. Many small pieces of mudbrick have already been found. No coins yet, however. Best regards!