Jessica Chubak

Jessica Chubak

PhD, Epidemiology, University of Washington MBHL, Bioethics and Health Law, University of Otago, New Zealand (Fulbright award) BA, Molecular Biology, Pomona College

Senior Investigator, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, Seattle, WA


Published on Jul 06, 2017

Article published

I'm happy to share with you our published findings!Chubak J, Hawkes R, Dudzik C, Foose-Foster JM, Eaton L, Johnson RH, Macpherson CF. Pilot Study of Therapy Dog Visits for Inpatient Youth With Canc...

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Published on May 03, 2017

Exciting news!

I have two pieces of good news to share - both from this past week!1. Our pilot study manuscript was accepted by the Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing. I'll post the link once it's published.2....

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Published on Apr 10, 2016

Presenting preliminary results on April 26th

I'm excited to share that I will be presenting preliminary findings at a seminar on Tuesday, April 26th:The cat is out of the bag: preliminary findings from studies of animal-assisted activities in...

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Published on Aug 21, 2015

Huck Finn, Roux, and Data Collection

We're having a really productive trip to Portland to collect data (surveys, focus groups, and interviews). We've also had the honor of getting to spend time with two great therapy animal teams. Her...

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Published on Jan 27, 2015

We're in the field!

I'm excited to report that we've started our surveys and interviews!

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Published on Jul 29, 2014

Start writing...

Start writing...

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Published on Nov 23, 2013

Huck Finn ready for work

Thanks to crowdfunding support, my project manager, Rene,and I took an important trip to Portland to meet with our collaborators atOregon Health & Sciences University. One of the highlights of ...

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Published on Aug 28, 2013

This is what it's all about.

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Thanks Raquel. That's an extremely important point!
Dec 01, 2015
Can Pet Visits Help Kids With Cancer?
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Hi Janet, I've heard anecdotally of pets with medical conditions being great for kids struggling with similar conditions. I haven't seen a whole lot on it, but thought you might be interested in this: It sounds like you have a wonderful kitty!
Nov 26, 2013
Can Pet Visits Help Kids With Cancer?
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Oscar, Huck Finn sure was easygoing. Not all cats (including mine!) are like that. According to Pet Partners, "What matters most is the individual animal's personality - that s/he likes people and has confidence in visiting strange places." ( The Pet Partners website has more information about the training that handlers and their pets go through. Safety for everyone (including the animal) is a big part of that.
Nov 24, 2013
Can Pet Visits Help Kids With Cancer?
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Thanks, Raquel. We're in the process of identifying measures. The first step is to asking families, healthcare providers, and AAA volunteers what effect they think AAA visits have (input most welcome!) We are trying to get approval to do that in a hospital. Then we will find measures that have already been validated and used. Key ideas that keep coming up are that AAA provides a return to normalcy and reduces worry and boredom. I'd love to hear what you and others think!
Nov 24, 2013
Can Pet Visits Help Kids With Cancer?
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